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High Pressure Fogging System for HORSES


FRESH-AIR is Zentri-Jet’s newest solution for horse barns and riding facilities. The specially designed high pressure fogging system provides many benefits for horses, riders and caretakers and can be applied in and outside the barns or in riding arenas. Regular, programmable application of the ultra-fine mist establishes an optimum year-round indoor climate for your horses.  

Features and Benefits

The FRESH-AIR nozzle system is designed to be installed in the barns, carefully positioned to bring quick cooling and steady relief of dust as well as safe dispersion of fresh or treated air. 

  • Effective cooling system for horse barns 
  • Binds dust from saw mill products and straw without soaking the bedding
  • Create a healthier environment by minimizing bacteria, viruses and pathogens 
  • Reduce ammonia and neutralize odors by adding suitable aerosoles – automatic release at programmable intervals will help to provide your horeses with constant fresh air or treatment. 
  • Additives will let your barns smell fresh and effectively help to reduce flies  
  • Less skin irritations due to adjustable relative humidity
  • Reduces dust effectively in riding arenas to improve air quality for horse and rider. Prevent respiratory problems due to horses working hard in a dusty arena