A BETTER Way To Cool!

High Pressure Cooling Systems from Zentri-Jet

Zentri-Jet’s high pressure nozzle cooling or ‘fogging’ system can be applied in all types of livestock and poultry barns. The controlled ultra-fine mist produced by this German engineered technology is ideal for cooling all animals and provides additional benefits to the barn environment of the animals. 

Why use a fogging system?

The special design and strategy of the Zentri-Jet nozzle system is not only ideal for cooling, but brings along other valuable benefits and advantages for improving the barn environment. 

  • Fast cooling of up to  10 to 14°F (6-8°C) 
  • Control relative humidity of barns in winter
  • Disinfection of the occupied barn by applying appropriate additives
  • Soaking of the empty barn (using additives, effectively reduce water usage)
  • Intesive disinfection with disinfectants after cleaning – the fog will carry disinfectant into every crack and hidden surface.
  • Reduce odor and ammonia in all barn environments
  • Apply also to prevent fires in combination with a fire alarm system

GALLERY – High Pressure Cooling for Poultry, Livestock and Horses

Zentri-Jet fogging technology can be installed in any type and size of barn or building.