Fiberglass Bins from Agritech

Agritech specializes in the design and production of fiberglass silos and exports these to more than 60 countries worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, Agritech is a leading player in the production of fiberglass storage bins for feed and grains, minerals and bulk dry products as well as liquids and chemical powders.

Why fiberglass?

Compared to galvanized sheet-based products, fiberglass bins have substantial advantages

  • Strongest most durable and corrosion-free bin material
  • Protected against UV radiation and extreme weather
  • 25+ years expected life time – with ZERO maintenance
  • Natural thermal insulation: Fiberglass is a non-conductive materialso it will not convey heat or cold to stored content.
  • Less oxidation and feed spoilage
  • Best preservation of feedqualityensuring high livestock performance and health
  • Fiberglass bins do not rust! Their resistance to corrosion is great for areas with high humidity and frequent rainfall – structure and storage quality are not effected so you can be sure your fiberglass bins will last a long time and provide best quality storage conditions for your valuable and sensitive contents

More features:

  • Smooth inside surface so products flow out easily
  • Feed level visible in transparent strip of bin
  • Ladders provide easy access to the top if ever needed
  • Light and easy to handle
    • Assembly in 1/3 of time needed for assembling steel bins
    • Installation video available.   
  • Modular design of Agritech bins allows for easy transport.

Bin models

Agritech fiberglass bins are suitable for meal and granular feeds, feed mixes and high density products.

Bin capacity ranges from 4 to 75 cubic meters (2.6 to 49.6 US tons)

Fiberglass Bins 

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Agritech fiberglass bins from 4 to 100 cubic meters (2.6 to 60 US tons)